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The bath

The bath The bath ... yes Ideal to relax, do not deprive yourself of the pleasure of a good relaxing bath. On the other hand, no bath too hot. Above 37 ° C, it could hurt your blood vessels. The good idea? Finish with a cool shower (18 ° to 24 ° C). Sitting in the empty tub, walk the shower head over your legs up from ankles to your thighs.
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Your baby 0-1 year

Piercing and breastfeeding, is it compatible?

"I have several piercings, can I breastfeed my baby?" Our specialist, Celia Dos Santos, lactation consultant, answers the Milan question. The answer of Celia Dos Santos, consultant in hospital and liberal lactation in Paris Piercing or piercing is to pierce the skin in certain parts of the body (ears, tongues, navel, nipples, brow bone, private parts ...) to fix a jewel .
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Bear cubs

Teddy bears Teddy bear (or donkey), when donuts turn into animals it's a lot more fun! © Pinterest To discover:
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The Three Little Pigs and Beauty and the Beast

The Three Little Pigs buy a bouquet of flowers for Mother's Day. Unfortunately, a big hairy hand steals their gift. The three brothers are indignant! But sometimes appearances are deceptive, and the ugliest of animals can have a tender and generous heart ... The country of tales, you know?
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Name Blake - Meaning of the Name

Origin of the name: Anglo-Saxons Meaning of the name: The name Blake is derived from the old English "blæc" which means "black" or "blc" which means "pale". He is male, but some girls wear it very well. Celebrities: Boys side, American director Blake Edwards, his real name William Blake Crump (The black panther, Diamands on couch), American basketball player Blake Griffin, American country singer Blake Tollison Shelton or the actor , British screenwriter and director Blake Ritson (Da Vinci's Demons) or American singer and actor Blake Jenner (Glee).
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Nubuck feet with ergonomic sole: 21,90 € (DPAM). Nubuck feet with ergonomic sole: 21,90 € (DPAM). To discover :
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