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The surprises ? He adores !

The surprises ? He adores !

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Your baby smiles with pleasure when you play the little animal that goes up. He asks for more? All the better, these surprise games help her to flourish.

The surprises ? A draft separation

  • Understanding the equation "mom + baby does not equal one and the same person", this takes time. The first few months, your toddler sometimes has a tendency to take for what he is not, in this case for you, his mother. Games of surprise prove him the opposite. While he was expecting to be tickled in the neck, you tickle him underfoot.
  • II realize that there is a difference between him and you, that your two brains do not work in unison.
  • You show him symbolically that you are not always there where he believes you. A first step towards differentiation and separation.

A nice wait

  • The wait, nothing more unbearable in the life of your baby. She rhymes more often with frustration than with pleasure. It is necessary to wait for the bottle which is not yet hot, so that you come to get it to the nursery. Not terrible ! In surprise games, it's the opposite.
  • If you're used to making surprises, your baby quickly understands that something is happening when begins the game of the little beast. Febrile, bright eyes and a smile on his face, he waits for the final outcome, necessarily delicious. Through this game, he discovers the pleasure of waiting and learns to invest this downtime in a positive way.
  • An antidote to rigidity. What's going on in a surprise game? Your baby is anticipating a scenario, and another is taking place. Far from being disappointed by this shift, your toddler enjoys it.
  • Conclusion : there is a good chance that, in the future, he will accept the unexpected and the novelty with great openness.

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