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Baby bed: which to choose?

Cradle, progressive bed, with bars ... your baby's bed will welcome you long hours. Discover our safety tips. It's an important purchase!

Cot or crib?

  • The cradle is very pleasing to babies because they feel surrounded like in a cocoon and some models are equipped with a balance system that allows them to rock. However, in a cradle, your baby will only sleep a few months ... so if you are not already equipped, it is better to choose a crib that will make more use. Opt for a model with removable high bars for when baby has grown up and a height adjustable bed frame.

Crib: the safety rules

  • make sure that it meets the standards NF EN 1130 for the cradle and NF EN 716-1 for the crib.
  • if you choose a crib, make sure the bar spacing does not exceed 6 cm to prevent your toddler from getting a limb or head. The panels must be at least 60 cm high.
  • if you choose a model of bed with casters, check that they are blocking.
  • prefer natural materials such as solid wood and with ecological paints, varnishes or waxes.
  • keep the bed away from anything that might be dangerous for your baby: blind cords, curtains, radiator ....
  • Regularly check your baby's bed to make sure no parts are missing or loose.

Mattress, box spring: the good reflexes

  • choose a firm, foam mattress that fits the size of the bed and never add extra mattresses. As a reminder, the depth of the mattress (height between the top of the mattress and the top of the bed) must be at least 50 cm.
  • if possible prefer natural materials (organic cotton, bamboo ...) and labeled models.
  • never "tinker" a semblance of mattress, do not put two mattresses one on the other, buy the model recommended by the manufacturer.
  • choose an adjustable bed base in two heights, high and low, on most models - handy if you have back pain.
  • as soon as your baby starts to sit down, put the bed frame in the down position.

Council +

Watch out for the bedstead. It is charming especially the first times, but sometimes dangerous, especially when the links are too long (risk of strangulation). Check that it has the CE standard.

Sleeping baby: the video.

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