The layer in detail

The layer in detail

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Invented in the 1950s, the disposable diaper has revolutionized the lives of parents ... and continues to cause concern for many dads. Although you stick to it regularly (fingers), it is never in the right direction. Rest assured, it will come.

Why a disposable diaper?

  • We like it for its practicality. Your grandmother washed the diapers by hand. This is no longer an obligation, even if this method is resurfacing. In addition, the disposable diaper keeps the baby dry for several hours, pulls out with one hand and goes to the trash ... or, better yet, throw the stool in the toilet. A gesture for the environment!

How much is needed?

  • At the rate of 5 layers per day on averageit's 1800 per year, at least the first year. After, for about two years, the more your child grows, the less he puts on it. All the same, count nearly 6000 layers for three years!

How it works ?

  • The layer contains an absorption "mattress" made with absorbent cellulose fibers and sometimes softening lotion on the inner veil. Plus, it's the hook and loop fasteners that hold the layer in place on your stomach. To position symmetrically. Not to mention the barriers, a must!

Which ones to choose?

  • To say that they are all worthless would be false. It's up to you to test them one by one until you find the one that best suits your child.

Safia Amor

And the washable diapers?

There are 3 types:

The diapers + panties: It is an absorbent washable layer closed by pressure, scratches or ties, used with waterproof pants.

All in one: The impervious part is integrated in the layer. You add an absorbent insert. Both parties wash each change.

Mixed layers: A waterproof textile panties fits either a biodegradable disposable mattress (only the panties wash and there is no discharge of non-degradable material), a washable mattress.

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