Month 5 in utero: it moves!

This fifth month is probably where you will feel your baby move for the very first time, moving! It is also the moment when his neurons, already numerous, will begin to establish connections between them.

Brain changes

  • Until then, your baby's brain was smooth, blooming in a cranial box big enough to contain its growth.
  • At this stage, with the development of the cortex, the superficial layer of the brain, the contents begin to be cramped in the container! Never mind, the brain has a solution: it folds to increase its surface.
  • Neurons, made in astronomical quantities since the beginning of pregnancy by the neural tube, have now completed their long migration and join their "post" in the cortex. They can therefore take care to establish relationships with their peers and create connections.

You feel it moving ...

  • This fifth month is especially important for you: it's usually the one where you feel your toddler move for the first time. At first a shouting shy, then small kicks and fists more and more daring.
  • Moreover, the fetal movements are organized: flexion, extension, rotation, stretching, yawning, scratching. The program is varied!
  • Your future baby is becoming more and more cute, he begins to heal the details: his eyebrows are outlined, his nose ossifies, his ears are curling. It measures about 20 cm and weighs around 300 g.

The video of his 5th month.

Isabelle Gravillon with Marie-Josèphe Wolff-Quenot, embryologist at the Faculty of Medicine in Strasbourg.

The 6th month in utero.