Emergency numbers: we note!

Emergency numbers: we note!

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Of course, the ideal is to never have to use them ... but you never know. Here are the numbers you need to keep on your phone or display near your phone.

15th: Emergency Medical Assistance Service (EMS)

  • Poisoning, accident, drowning, reaction to a wasp sting, malaise, burning ... Samu intervenes quickly. By dialing 15, you contact a duty doctor who regulates the calls, will give you medical advice and on the action to take by waiting for the arrival of the helpers and direct you, if necessary, to the means of intervention the more appropriate: visiting a doctor at home, emergency transportation, etc.

The 18th: firefighters

  • Burn, electrocution, road accident, but also fire, gas leak ... you will have a firefighter operator online who will send you the firefighters and you will pass the doctor of regulation for more information.

17th: Police-relief

  • Road accident, burglary, assault ... it is the number to call in case of infraction requiring the immediate intervention of the police.

112: abroad (European countries)

  • Free from a landline phone, a cellphone or a cabin, it is the emergency number valid throughout the European community. You will be redirected to the Samu, the firemen or the police according to the nature of your needs.

To remember

  • Since the numbers are different depending on the city or region where you live (or stay if you are on vacation), find out about the nearest poison control centers or pediatric emergencies.