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Oscar the boaster: episode 1

Oscar the boaster: episode 1

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A trip to the jungle, do you like it? That's good, our new story is about elephants, monkeys ... and especially the king of animals: the lion. Is he Oscar the boastful? Read quickly!

  • In the jungle, all animals know Oscar the lion. Normal! he spends his time annoying them.
  • Today, for example, while elephants are paddling, Oscar arrives and shouts: " Push yourself, the patapoufs ! The king is going to wash his mane! "
  • And he roars so loudly that the elephants go away scolding. "It's not just you here, Oscar ! "Balourd, the elephant chief," grumbles, but Oscar does not care.
  • His mane washed, Oscar approaches the monkeys and snorts. The monkeys are all splashed!
  • Oscar laughs loudly.
  • Bongo, the old monkey, grumbles: "If you do it again, I get angry, Oscar. "
  • But Oscar does not care. He is the king and he does what he likes.
  • Now Oscar walks around singing. Suddenly, he smells a good smell of meat.
  • Behind a thicket, Basile, the brown bear, is getting ready for lunch. Oscar roars so loudly that Basile starts grunting.
  • Oscar jumps on the bear's meal and engulfs him.

This Oscar boast is very annoying ... will the animals endure for a long time? The following !

A story written by Françoise Clairet-Colaruotolo, illustrated by Rémi Saillard, published in the magazine Toupie, Milan jeunesse.