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Osteopathy and baby: is it effective immediately?

Osteopathy and baby: is it effective immediately?

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Torticollis, reflux, sleep problems ... some osteopathy sessions can relieve your baby. Is it effective immediately? Answer video of Alexandre Bonnet, osteopath in Paris.

Is osteopathy effective immediately?

  • Some techniques are effective in the moment. When a child has a congenital torticollis so he was born with: "handing" a torticollis, it's a few moments and we see it right away.
  • On the other hand, it is true that a child born with a torticollis that we see after thirty days, the effects are not going to be immediate, it will take a few days.
  • It is also true that when I consult newborns who are well, who have a slight attitude of torticollis - it looks like a torticollis but there is no real blockage - doing a session of osteopathy can see immediately the difference.
  • On the other hand, it is true that the longer one waits for the date of consultation, the more one allows to make the schema, which will compensate, the blow of a cervical blocked or tense, one will find after to treat the cervical ones, the shoulder and ridges and ribs. So, it's more actions to be done - in terms of the sum of acts during the same session - suddenly, the effects will take longer to set up.
  • For example, for a problem of reflux, I have just seen a little girl of 3 months who has a reflux, who has 3 months of reflux, who has 3 months of life and she has reflux since always, it is a little more complicated, it will take several sessions, 3 or 4 sessions before its reflux is completely stopped. Because I have many things to deal with and I can not do everything during the same session, because every individual, every child, every adult, has an information management capacity.
  • It must be understood that an osteopath does not do magic at all. It will restore mobility to areas that move less and as they move less, it creates symptoms, but no disease or pathology. As a result, the more symptoms there are, the more actions will be needed and the more the effects will take time to set up. That's all.