Batteries, good reflexes

With the many children's toys, remote controls and other cameras, batteries pile up in our daily lives. A gesture that must be changed by using as much as possible devices running on mains or ... other batteries!

What exists on the market

  • Currently, there are at least two kinds of batteries: "classics" and Rechargeable batteries (also called accumulators). These last longer than the first ones. To privilege, therefore.
  • You can recharge them on a battery charger or even on a computer! So, this USB battery (Moixa Energy) which, as its name suggests, slips directly into the USB port of your computer!
  • The radius battery chargers, we like this energy dispenser Pom Uniross (80 €) which recharges up to eight batteries at a time, as well as mobile devices, such as mobile phone, MP3, PDA, Ipod ... Smart, no, when we know that a rechargeable battery can take up to five times more photos with a digital camera than a "lambda" battery?

What to do with his old batteries?

  • Above all, do not throw them anywhere, or even in their trash! They contaminate the environment with heavy metals (cadmium, lead, zinc, nickel ...) harmful for our health.
  • The law requires battery sellers (supermarkets, photographers, appliance stores, etc.) to take them back. So you have to put them in containers available to you at these merchants or throw them to the dump.

For more information: www.amisdelaterre.org/Seme-pas-tes-piles.html

Safia Amor

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