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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Diminutive of Stephanie, the name Fannie comes from the Greek "stephanos" which translates as "crowned".


Fannie Hurst is a novelist of American origin whose greatest success was the novel Back Street (1931).
Real name Stéphanie Massey, Fannie Tremblay is a Quebec comedian and comedian who has appeared on stages in theaters, movies, television and radio.
Fannie Flagg, born Patricia Neal, is an American writer and actress.
Fannie Lou Hamer is an American civil rights activist.

His character :

Thanks to his pride and natural grace, Fannie seems inaccessible. She never leaves anyone indifferent. His apparent disdain and reserve are certainly for something. At first sight, she seems haughty, disdainful and pretentious when she is actually frightened by the outside world. Sensitive and emotional woman, she can be easily invaded by her emotions. Great sentimental as it is, Fannie dreams only of loving and being loved.

Moreover, she is very tolerant and prefers to convince rather than impose. His dynamism and enthusiasm are his main qualities. Warm and far from being resentful, she forgives easily. A woman with great intelligence, she tends to have too much confidence in herself and to offend those around her. That's why she often forgets to question herself. She must learn to respect others and to trust them.


Fanie, Fania, Fanya, Fanni, Fanny and Frannie.

His party :

The Fannie are celebrated on March 9th.

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