Name Hadrian - Meaning and origin

Name Hadrian - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

French, Greeks

Meaning of the name:

From the GreekAdrianos, the name Hadrian is a variant of Adrian. It can be translated as "inhabitant of Adria".


The scholar of the United Provinces Hadrian Reland (1676-1718), the French bassist Hadrien Féraud, the French writer Hadrien Laroche, the French philosophy teacher Hadrien France-lanord, the French director Hadrien Soulez Larivière, the photographer Hadrien Denoyelle, the Rascher in the Camargue race Hadrien Poujol, the reformer of the Church of England Hadrian Canterbury and the Roman Emperor Hadrian (76-138).

Converted to Christianity that he had previously fought, St. Adrian was put to death during the reign of Diocletian in 303. St. Adrian of Caesarea is the patron of forges and blacksmiths.

His character :

Hadrian controls his emotions without ever showing excessive reactions. Able to keep calm even in the most stressful situations, he is admired for his confidence in himself.

Curious by nature, Hadrian is interested in different subjects and shines in class with his quick wit. He quickly assimilates what he is taught. Passionate about knowledge, he finds pleasure in learning new things. He will have to be encouraged from an early age by letting him explore all the possibilities open to him.


Adria, Adrien, Adriano, Hadrian ...

His party :

The Hadrian are celebrated on September 8th.

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